What Is Kajabi? The Definitive Guide by Lean Online Business

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it simple to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing and sales pages, cultivate an online community, and design an awesome website.

Here's what we'll cover in the Ultimate Guide:

  1. Kajabi Membership Site Feature
  2. How Much Does Kajabi Cost?
  3. Kajabi vs Clickfunnels
  4. Who Uses Kajabi For Their Online Businesses?
  5. My Kajabi Review (How I Made $16k+ In Less Than 30 Days)
  6. How To Make Money Online Using Kajabi
  7. Is Kajabi Worth It?

What Does Kajabi Mean?

According to Kajabi’s Twitter, the word means “kite hawk” or “airplane.” A fitting name for those who want to use Kajabi to make their online business soar.


What Is A Kajabi Hero?

A Kajabi Hero is a person committed to the path of turning their passion into profit.”

In order to become a Kajabi Hero, you need to sell at least $1,000 of your online product through your Kajabi site.

Kajabi Hero is someone who goes from making $0 to $1,000+ by selling products through the Kajabi Platform. Once you generate over $1,000 you will get sent a cool Kajabi Hero shirt just like the one I’m wearing below!

Co-Founder Travis Rosser says how this Kajabi Hero Program started:

I think Kenny [Rueter] (co-founder) came up with the idea of a Kajabi Hero. And that’s someone that’s gone from $0 to $1,000 and that program was so awesome. Within the first two months or so, that program generated for the customers like $1.4 million.”

I really like this “Kajabi Hero” Program because it obviously works!  Like Travis Rosser said above, when it was first launched it made Kajabi Users ~$1.4M. That’s no small feat!

There can be so many distractions when starting an online business and aiming to be a Kajabi hero can help you focus to make your first $1,000 online.


Where is Kajabi Located?

Kajabi is currently located at 15495 Sand Canyon Ave Suite #300, Irvine, CA 92618.

I was able to set up a meet-and-greet pretty easily by just contacting their support team. I recommend you take a trip to visit the office if you’re a Kajabi user!


The History of Kajabi

Who better than Kenny Rueter, Co-founder and CEO of Kajabi to go over the history. Here it is:


How Does Kajabi Work?


What are Kajabi's Features?

Kajabi really is an all-in-one membership site platform. I will go through and break down each feature below!

Jump to any feature you’d like:


1. Kajabi Membership Site

The Kajabi Membership Site is robust and simple at the same time. To login to your website, you need to go to: https://app.kajabi.com/login 

Once you login, you are able to access the admin backend that looks like this:


2. Kajabi Themes

The theme of your website will control the appearance of all of your standard pages.

Every Kajabi account is pre-loaded with the “Premier Theme.” I use the Premier Theme so you can just visit my homepage to see how it looks.

However, Kajabi has a wide selection of professional website themes so you can choose the one that resonates with you and your brand the most.

The colors, text, and code of the theme can all be edited to stand out from others.


3. Kajabi Page Builder

The Page Builder allows you to easily create dynamic pages for any use on your site.

Pages can be stored as standalone or pipeline pages (see below).

Some page styles are better for collecting leads, some are better for teaching your audience, and some are better for sales. For these reasons, you can select a Kajabi templated page or build one from scratch!

You can easily change the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings with Page Builder.

One of my favorite features is the ability to “clone” a page. I use this feature when I have a high converting sales page. I’ll “clone” the page with allows me to duplicate it and re-use it for a different sales campaign.


4. Kajabi Blog

Having a blog is essentially a must these days for an online business. Kajabi makes it simple for you to write and post articles for your website.

You can easily edit the main blog page design, and each blog post page to make a beautiful reading experience for your visitors.

A cool feature I like is that when you edit how you want your blog post page to look - it will automatically edit all of the other blog posts you already have up.

When does this come handy?

Well, let’s say you want to capture emails of visitors who are viewing your blog article. You can easily input an email opt-in to capture the emails one time, and it will automatically the other blog posts with this chance.

This saves a lot of time because now you don’t need to go to each blog page to make an edit!

When you want to collect emails from viewers, you can easily put in an opt-in at the bottom of each blog post once and it will automatically do it every time!


5. Kajabi Products

With Kajabi, creating and selling online courses is an easy process. A product is an item or service you offer for sale.

Generally a product contains a collection of categories and posts that deliver your content to your customers.

Think of the “category” as a main subject topic and then a “post” as the content within each category.

A big plus about Kajabi is that you do not need to pay a third party to host the videos that are in your Kajabi course. Kajabi uses a company called Wistia that is typically $99/mo but you get to use it within Kajabi for free. Not a bad perk!

It shows that Kajabi has put forth the effort to make creating an online course as simple as possible.

They include 7 Product Blueprints with templates so you can get started as fast as possible. Here are the products you can easily generate through Kajabi:


6. Kajabi Sales Pages


7. Kajabi Pipelines

Kajabi Pipelines is a sales funnel creator that simplifies the relationships between marketing and sales by automating the entire process.

Kajabi automates the process by auto-generating your website pages, and the email sequences correlated with each step in the process.


8. Kajabi Community

VP of Product for Kajabi, Jeremy Saenz, says "Kajabi Community is a way for you to engage with your audience in meaningful, deep, and impactful ways...and transformative ways!"

You can think of it like a Facebook Group. However, Kajabi Community was designed to be an actual, sellable product.

You can sell it as a stand alone product, or even as a membership.

Here's Jeremy Saenz going into detail all about Community for Kajabi: (Watch from 52 seconds to 3 minutes and 44 seconds to hear about Community from Jeremy Saenz:


9. Kajabi Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)

Assessments in Kajabi can be used as quizzes and tests in a product, or on a landing page.

When using an assessments in a product, you can choose a passing grade and if members do not get a passing grade. This is a great feature because now you can make sure your members & students are actually absorbing your content!

Assessments on a page are great to use if you'd like to segment your customers in order to prescribe them the best product you have that fits their needs!

10. Kajabi Automations

Automations allow you to quickly create automatic patterns that will simplify and streamline time by using when, then, and if logic when customers do a specific task defined by you.

For example, let's say a customer completes one section of your 6 section course. Well now you can create an automation that sends an email when they complete the section congratulating them on their progress.

This is just one example of a multitude you can create to simplify your business and create a better workflow!

11. Kajabi Email Templates and Campaigns

Kajabi includes email templates and campaigns. Email campaigns allow you to nurture and build relationships with your customers, as well as, market your products.

You can send email broadcasts which is a mass email to everyone you select. An email sequence are multiple emails that are sent out to your email list.

Email sequences can be set to send out at different times, or you can set up automations on when you'd like your next email to go out.

Here's an image the Email Campaign Dashboard which shows you all of your campaigns and their analytics.

12. Kajabi Integrations

I really enjoy how Kajabi allows you to easily integrate your account with third party platforms.

For email integrations, Kajabi easily connects with Aweber, Mailchip, Drip, Convertkit, and ActiveCampaign.

For analytics, you can easily connect with Segment, Google Analytics, and your Facebook Pixel.

The miscellaneous apps you can connect with are Zapier and ClickFunnels.

If you'd like to use a platform or software that is not included in the integrations for Kajabi, then you can always use Zapier to connect it to Kajabi. Zapier is designed to connect third party platforms and softwares together that don't have a formal integration already set up!

13. Kajabi Affiliate System

The Kajabi Affiliate System is available for those on the Growth & Pro Plans (see these plans below when we go into the Kajabi Pricing)!

Through this system, you can have existing members sell your Kajabi Products for you for a commission.

This affiliate system is simple to use and manage as your online business grows.

The affiliate dashboard will track clicks, form submissions, conversions, and the conversion rate. 

Here's what the affiliate dashboard looks like within the admin panel:

14. Kajabi Support

The Kajabi Support team is extremely helpful and responsive. If you have the Growth and Pro Plans, then you have live 24/7 chat support. You still have chat support if you have the Basic Plan, they just are not as responsive.

However, I've used the chat support for both the Basic and Growth Plan, and have been thoroughly impressed with both.

I've used dozens of online platforms over the years and I can whole-heartedly say that Kajabi's Chat Support team has been the best out of any other software I've used.

15. Kajabi Help Center

The Kajabi Help Center is the knowledge base for everything having to do with the platform. They provide step-by-step instructions, as well as, detailed videos for each section of the membership site.


How Much Is Kajabi Per Month?

There are three Kajabi Pricing Plans depending on where you’re at. Each plan comes with a 14 day free trial!

Each pricing plan also give you the ability to either pay monthly, or annually. You save 20% with annual billing.

Here is the cost of Kajabi:

1. Basic Plan

$119/mo with annual billing or $149/mo when billed monthly.

Includes 3 products, 3 pipelines, unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 active members, 1 website, and 1 admin user.

Includes Hero University, 0% transaction fee, webinars & events, ready to use templates, assessments (quizzes & surveys), and chat support.


2. Growth Plan

$159/mo with annual billing or $199/mo when billed monthly.

Includes 15 products, 15 pipelines, unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, 25,000 contacts, 10,000 active members, 1 website, and 10 admin users.

Includes everything in the "Basic Plan" plus, 24/7 chat support, ability to remove Kajabi branding, automations, and affiliate program.


3. Pro Plan

$319/mo with annual billing or $309/mo when billed monthly.

Includes 100 products, 100 pipelines, unlimited landing pages, 2,000,000 marketing emails, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 active members, 3 websites, and 25 admin users.

Includes everything in the "Growth Plan" plus, a theme editor to easily edit website themes.

What Kajabi Pricing Plan Do I Use?

I use a version of the Growth Plan that was offered during Black Friday of 2019. It allows me to have 2 Kajabi websites. Guess what? LeanOnlineBusiness.com is 100% built using Kajabi!


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Comparison

You may be considering utilizing Kajabi or Clickfunnels for your online business and courses. I currently use both and I believe that each has their purpose.


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online marketing platform used to easily create websites, sales and landing pages, and checkout pages.

It does allow you to create a membership portal, but ClickFunnels wasn’t create to be the best membership website, it was created to be one of the best online marketing platforms.


Pros and Cons - Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Pros - Clickfunnels

Speed of Implementation

When comparing against Kajabi, Clickfunnels has a slight advantage in speed of implementation since a website created by Clickfunnels only requires one page. 

Entry Level Package Is More Cost Effective

It is only $97/mo to get started with Clickfunnels.

Has More Integrations

Clickfunnels has more integrations pre-built into it than Kajabi. This give you a greater chance of Clickfunnels being able to integrate with any existing software or platforms you're currently using.

However, you can easily use Zapier to connect with any platforms or software that Clickfunnels or Kajabi does not already have pre-built.

Can Be Used For Digital and Physical Products

Clickfunnels can be used for digital and physical products. Whereas Kajabi is optimiaed for selling digital products such as: online courses, memberships, and other digital products.

More Templates

Clickfunnels has more templates for it's landing, checkout, and sales pages.

Cons - Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels isn't as optimized for SEO as Kajabi

Design / Looks

Clickfunnels tends to not look as professional or sleek as Kajabi.

Video Hosting

Clickfunnels doesn't host your training videos. This can be an additional cost for you to use a hosting platform like Vimeo, or Wistia (which is already built into Kajabi).

Clickfunnels recommends hosting your video as an unlisted youtube video for free if you do not want to pay for video hosting,. While this is a free option, I believe it looks unprofessional when someone pays for a course and then sees the Youtube logo in the bottom right hand corner and sees that it is hosted by Youtube.

Pros - Kajabi

Branding and Professionalism

Kajabi crushes it when it comes to building your brand in a professional way. Kajabi was designed to help you sell digital


There's a night and day difference when comparing the support of Kajabi to Clickfunnels. Kajabi's support is extremely helpful and always available if you hav the Growth or Pro Plans.

The support for Clickfunnels is still good, but not as great as Kajabi. (I've been using both Clickfunnels and Kajabi for 1.5 years)

Hosts Videos For You

Better overall membership site experience

Has Community



Cons - Kajabi

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels For A Membership Site

If you want to sell courses to make money online, then I recommend using Kajabi.

Kajabi looks much cleaner and provides a better customer experience. I actually used Clickfunnels first for my membership website and learned very quickly that I was going to need to upgrade to Kajabi.

Who Uses A Kajabi Membership Website For Their Online Business?


Kajabi Membership Site Examples:


Kajabi Review:


How Can I Make Money Online From Kajabi?


Is There A Kajabi App?

Yes, Kajabi has two mobile apps:

  1. Hero University
  2. Relay by Kajabi

Hero University is where you can access free and paid courses from Kajabi. You can download this app for free from the Apple App Store.

Relay by Kajabi allows you to record, edit, and share high-quality videos from your phone to your Kajabi site. It also allows you to send instant announcements to your community.


When is the Kajabi Summit?

The Kajabi Summit (also known as the "Impact Summit") is Kajabi's annual in-person live event. The first Kajabi Summit took place April 5, 6, & 7th in Irvine, CA. 

You can check out all the details for the upcoming Impact Summit right here.


Final Thoughts...Is Kajabi Worth It?


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